Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh What the Hell?

I figure I may as well just start cheering on global warming. I mean, it's going to happen, and it is likely to be devastating to millions if not billions of people on this planet, but the shit isn't really going to hit the fan until I am likely gone.

It is abundantly clear at this point that no matter what the world (particularly scientists) agrees should be done, it just ain't gonna happen. We will have warming. It may raise sea levels by a couple inches or several feet. It could destroy small coastal/island nations or not. It may deplete the ocean and it may cause certain species to flourish. It could cause desertification of much of the world's prime agricultural land, and it could make robust agriculture possible in places that don't support it now (like Siberia and much of Canada/Alaska).

No matter how great a calamity it may become, it's sure to be interesting. Humanity will survive, at some level will continue to thrive. Many will suffer. Many may die.

The curious scientist that I am, if I'm not going to see a world that pushes hard for and embraces the changes that will minimize what is to come (which would also make for a very interesting and likely more fun future), then I'll take getting to see what changes we will have wrought.

Status quo is boring; plus, our current slow death just causes mental anguish.