Monday, February 27, 2006

Feed me, legislature.

Education is important. Education is difficult. Education is best left out of the hands of: government, parents, students, administrators, voters...namely, you. Education is a beast. The only thing that those groups above can do to advance education is to pay for it, with taxes. I stress with taxes. There are a few common ways for states and municipalities to increase funding for education: the lottery (this is a whole other rant), bond issues, and taxes. Of those the ONLY one that does not place undue burnen on the poor is taxes.

Bonds are the absolute worst way to do this because, pay attention here, taxes eventually pay this, and the wealthy profit from it. People love to vote for bond initiatives because they are marketed as free money. Hi, this is reality, free money DOES NOT EXIST. It has to come from somewhere, and, like all things government, that somewhere is taxes. In this case it is taxes deferred, which is at least adds a touch of poetic "justice" as it means that parents have decided that their children should pay for their own education. Taxation is the only way to fairly fund public education. As things are right now I think income taxes are a necessary evil (later). I much prefer sales taxes on "luxuries" where luxuries is anything except: real groceries (not hoho's, chips, soda, candy, ...), cars that cost less than ca. $10k, houses under ca. $125k, and, maybe, a handful of other necessary items.

Education is devastatingly important, and will likely be the most commonly discussed topic on this, my little cathartic forum.

It's okay to hate

I'm so sick of political correctness. Oh "we have to teach them not to hate us..." That's unbridled b.s. People hate. Whether that hate is directed at lima beans and brussels sprouts (in the case of the former, they are not tasty, ever, in the case of the latter, bacon and cheese can fix this, but if you have bacon and cheese, why the hell are you eating brussels sprouts?!?) or idologies, or science, or religion, or politicians, or... You get the point. We hate. Nevermind the whole "love wouldn't exist without hate" argument because, though true, the statement is pedantic, and besides, I'm sure some stupid movie, like: "Matrix 4: We-Can-Still-Get-Away-With-This-Crap-tions" will likely beat our brains in with some similarly obvious "universal truth." Hate is thearaputic.

Did you just see a cartoon ridiculing the Prophet? Don't try and respect their right to freedom of speech/press. Hate them. Just see a bunch of morons acting out the very cartoon they were protesting? Don't try and see their side. You can't. Hate them. Seriously, if you are not going to ignore it, your only options are to either hate them or be depressed about it.

People will always hate something. It may be better if it is directed towards some intangible, but it won't be always. It's hard to picture terorrism in your mind. Osama is easy. It's hard to visualize stupidity but an native english speaking world leader unable to pronounce "nuclear" is easy. Stupidity is the one thing that receives the bulk of my hatred. Stupidity will present itself in all people to a certain extent, and yes, that means you, but when it lodges itself in, particularly in a public manner, my blood begins to boil.

I'm Right

I always am. In the highly unlikely event that I may someday in the future be wrong, then I will have redefined what is right. If I am demonstrated to have been wrong sometime in my past, then there was a flaw in the demonstration. If I seem to make myself wrong by way of contradiction then that just means your memory is faulty, as changes which make the past wrong, obviously alter the past such a way that it is, and always has been, correct, and having never been wrong, was not, in fact corrected. Your inability to "get this" is not my fault. If you ever feel like contradicting me, please pause to think for a second, realize that you are wrong, and send me an apology.

Obviously I would be an excellent leader for this country. Too bad it's a pain. Only a total idiot would want that job. Thank God we found one. He even managed to win against one of the biggest idiots the Dems have been able to put forward in recent times. I didn't vote for the legacy mouth-breather, and I didn't want to vote for the latest piece of democratic lumber, so I get to be right when speaking against either tool. Man I dominate.

Editor's note (made 3/9/06): I feel somewhat compelled to send people to the best page in the universe.