Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gonzales on the Supreme Court

The United States' Attorney General has just commented on the Supreme Court's decision against Bush administration's dealing with the Gitmo prisoners or "enemy combatants." Now, I'm paraphrasing here but what he pretty much said is:

"Damn those constitution loving, US and world law enabling pussies for not understanding that everything that Holy George does is right. He is the president and should have the power to do whatever he wants too. That is what the Constitution should say, and I'm sure that if the founding fathers were here they would agree with me, of course if not then we would have to designate them 'enemy zombies' as there is no way they would be alive, and they would probably have to be shipped to, I mean some other foreign prison that people know only vaguely about where their reanimated limbs would be removed and used as bludgeons for crushing their genetailia, but I'm going off on a bit of a tangent here. The real issue is that George Almighty has declared these people as enemy combatants and who does the Supreme Court of the United States of the Bush family think it is to disagree? What do they think that they are? The constitutionally created body whose job is to act as defender of the supreme law of the land as written in the Constitution? These are activist judges. They must go. Of course it's not like we plan 0n abiding by what they have said. I mean I did say, 'That path is still available to us. The president of the United States can continue to hold enemy combatants at Guantanamo.'"

So basically: he disagrees, says that it hampers their ability to deal with terrorism, then says that they are still going to do it? I love how this administration sees itself as being completely impervious to the law, US or world. It's like a dictator, but without the militant rebellion brewing. Actually, while people seem to love comparing them with Nazi's, I think that the Empire from the Star Wars movies is much more accurate: Came into power with fair support, gained a bunch in a protracted war, then pissed it all away while abusing/rewriting the law as they see it. I think Edwards would make a fair Luke, but Kerry was no Han Solo. Liberman is probably Darth: he was a good guy, but twisted by the war and now his goodness is buried beneath his Bush smooching visage... Hmm...

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