Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fable 2 Offline Money Calculator

Is a very fun game. I don't have it but played at a friends. The fighting sucks, but I love the money/real estate side and the interactions with the people around. In particular if you lease a property or own a store you earn money. When you are playing you get it every 5 min of real time. But you get paid when offline too. I finally found some numbers, and used them to give a rough calculator. This is my guess as to how it works in the game. The number of payments you receive when you start playing again goes with the square root of time. Put to numbers it seems:

#pmts = int(sqrt(t/5))

Where t is in minutes since logged out, and with the at max #pmts = 100 (which would occur at near 35 days). I was frustrated by not being able to find this, which at least that serves as a rough estimate.

So it's a good idea to log in, get money and log out daily, even if you don't have time to play every day. (you get 16-17 in the first 24 hrs, but 32-33 in 96, and 45 for 7 days)

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