Thursday, March 01, 2012


In reading a pretty crappy piece (not linking it, bad reading) on how people earning $500k/year are suffering, there was another note about this guy (the original article was deleted, but a cached version was copied and pasted there), along with a link to his self-pitying farewell piece.

I hadn't read the farewell before and...Wow. Nevermind his lack of awareness about the internet and blogging in 2010, and let's ignore his utter delusion that he is something other than an upper middle class (or higher) ass hole. In the last paragraph he seems to suffer from a peculiar delusion that what he had said before was somehow correct and that it was all these personal attacks that give him a sad face. ...But he was wrong! Very, very wrong.

I suppose that if the personal attacks prevent this individual from spreading the garbage he was then the internet has become a better place? I really want to know what it would take to penetrate the thick skull as effectively as the internet did his apparently thin skin.

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