Monday, May 21, 2012

Poor Deluded Writer

I have some pretty serious reservations about the notion that Philly is or could be a global top 10 shopping destination, but the writer of that seems to have a particularly delusional view as evidenced by two references to King of Prussia mall in a very short bit.  The latter of which was implying "We're so awesome that we're awesome even when you discount our most awesomest shopping place evah!"

King of Prussia is a suburban mall with no quick/easy transit access to the city, and without any type of character that can't be found at any of a thousand other malls in this country.  No city will ever make a top 10 anything for a mall that you have to drive to in the suburbs. 

"Imagine, a place that you can go to a Cheesecake Factory, a Macy's, a Restoration Hardware, a Victoria's Secret and a Teavanna!!!"  I know that that makes me think of KoP...or just about any other mall I've been to in Texas, Kansas, Illinois, North Carolina, Minnesota, Oregon...

If someone were to ask me where to go shopping in Philadelphia, first, I would look around, because no sane person would ask me about shopping.  Then I'd probably say that there seem to be a lot of shops around Rittenhouse. And I don't even live within the Philly city limits.  KoP is just a fucking mall.  So what?

I suppose that connoisseurs of indoor shopping malls may have a particular fondness for KoP, but a) I'm pretty sure that those people are the losers of the traveling shopper set, and b)KoP isn't in Philly, and it really isn't terribly convenient, so Philly wouldn't be on the damned list anyway, other than "'s within an hour drive of Philly, and within a 3 hours of NY, Baltimore and DC."

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