Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Aside

Read frustrating column.  Came across this comment that reminded me of another post about this:
One of the things I don't get is that in the 2004 election campaign, the Republicans successfully made a lot of noise about John Kerry being a "flip-flopper," waving flip-flops around at political gatherings and generally tarring him with that label, because he changed his mind about a couple of things. Meanwhile, Romney contradicts himself constantly, and, first, the Democrats don't start doing silly stunts like waving flip-flops around and, second, the Republicans don't even notice his lack of consistency. I have to say I'm glad that the Democrats don't indulge in such childish actions, but, OTOH, the stunts do seem to have a real impact on a large segment of the voting public.
(I don't remember where the other post was)

There seems to be some noise from Dems who want [Obama] to attack Romney as a flip-flopper similar to 2004 against Kerry, and I really don't.  The attacks on Kerry were really indicative of stupid, small-mindedness.  People change their minds on things.  Smart people, who are confronted with evidence are even more likely to change their mind.  Only neanderthal, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons like the last president can keep believing the same thing no matter what.

This isn't to say that Romney isn't craven.  His "changes of mind" seem far more pandering and opportunistic than, say, Obama's recent return to believing gay marriage should be allowed, and there is a big difference between actually changing opinion and just stating whatever garbage you think the appropriate demographic wants to hear.

Still: attacking people for changing their minds--for flip-flopping if you will--is a petty attack by small minded people.  And we seem to hear it far more often from Republicans.

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