Tuesday, September 25, 2012


From Noahpinion's EconoTrolls Bestiary...


"[M]acro is mostly a 'science' without falsification. In other words, it is barely a science at all. Microeconomists know this. The educated public knows this. And that is why the prestige of the macro field is falling."
How they see themselves:
How the world sees them:
Favorite blog: Noahpinion
Favorite dead economist: Are you kidding? That's the only good kind!
Will appear in response to posts regarding: Economic methodology, statistics, math
Craziest idea: That economists should do experiments
Special attack: the "economics isn't science" taunt
Secret weaknesses: bad posture, the knowledge that economists get paid more than they do
Notes: This troll, which periodically ventures into the Econ Blogworld, attempts to intimidate its enemies by the puffing up of its Physics Credentials in a strange sort of dominance display. This tactic can easily be defeated by immediately presenting the troll with a deceptively difficult or even insoluble math problem, and then ridiculing the troll for failing to solve it in short order.

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