Thursday, January 03, 2013

Not Sure Which is Worse

Ezra and MattY both wants liberals to calm down about the Austerity Bomb deal. Ezra says the White House won, and Matt that it lost.  In either case, liberals should definitely not be calm.  If this deal represents Obama winning, then there is no hope for liberal policy, because Obama will never pursue it.  If this deal represents Obama losing, then there is very little hope for liberal policy because Obama was in the strongest bargaining position he's had in at least 3.5 years, if not since the beginning of his presidency, and he couldn't manage a win?!?

Basically liberals are screwed, because even though liberal positions are overwhelmingly popular, and even though liberal positions would boost the economy and shrink the debt, there is no chance of them happening because we have a Democratic president who is either pathetically weak or a Republican.  (Note, my opinion is clearly the latter.)

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