Friday, June 07, 2013

Odd Buisness

During the Broad Street Run there were cameras set up in a few locations taking pictures.  Now those pictures are available for purchase.  The absolute lowest price option available is $14 for a single 5x7 print.  They charge $16 for a .jpg copy (of a single image) and $70 for a USB drive with copies of all the images that are tagged with your bib number (~20 images for me, though I'm not in all of them). 

I'm not sure what the idea here is, because I can't even begin to imagine paying any of those prices.  The only option that I would even begin to consider is the .jpg copy of one of the images (pick the best) which I could email to friends/family and post online, but the dollar value for that to me is approaching zero, and at most a couple bucks.  I know there are lots of things like this where you get a small fraction that will buy something for sentimental reasons, but it seems like they are leaving a huge market of people like me untapped.  I would bet that nearly every one of the 40k people in the race would like to have an .jpg for the same reason as me, and at some price that would become tempting for a large number, but I can't believe that it $16 is even close to the right price to capture it (maybe $2-$5).

They've already taken the pictures and processed them to the extent that I can see my images.  The marginal cost to provide me a .jpg is near zero (well, it's really whatever their overhead on payment processing is, which is probably the problem). 

...This is the second email they have sent me, which kind of implies that they didn't get enough takers the first time around and they are looking to interest a few more people, but it's the same crappy deal.

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