Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Luxury Goods

I don't really get pretty much any luxury goods.  I'm willing to spend more on a good quality suitcase, and whenever I get around to updating/renovating my kitchen I will likely buy a refrigerator that is both of good quality and that looks good. Still, there's a world of difference between a high quality carry-on suitcase and this or even this.  (Also, while I'll admit to having spent way too much going out to dinner on occasion, it was nothing like these burgers.)

I do understand paying more for quality and style, and I understand paying for something a bit different/unique, but with the variety of options out there I don't understand anyone spending outrageous sums of money for, really, anything (worst: people who spend tons to get the exact same stuff as other rich people...what a weird mindset).

I suppose that this is the reason I drive a 10 year old compact station wagon (albeit a kinda sporty one: Mazda5), and why I got a house that is less than 1500 sq ft.  I could be given millions of dollars and I still wouldn't see much need to get a new car or a new house (though, yes, I would renovate, but I'm planning on doing that anyway).

So a $6000 smart phone?  Sure, why not?  I'm not their target any more than I am Bentley's.  While I may think it a pretty stupid thing to do, the people who would buy that, buy plenty of other things I consider very stupid...and someone needs to take their money away from them since the government won't.

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