Friday, April 14, 2017

"No Labels" Is A Label

So far as Republicans go, the ones that sign on to the whole "No Labels" gibberish are better than those that don't.  So far as Democrats go, the ones that sign on are even better Republicans than the Republicans that do, but not actually good Democrats.  The problem is that "No Labels" is a label and based on what those who associate with it have said they want that label is basically "Republicans but not total assholes".

They tend to [say they] believe in cutting [business] taxes and cutting social welfare programs (including Social Security, though they are more circumspect about that). They also support science research and its conclusions, they don't think gay people are the devil, and mostly they don't believe that the brown folks are going to destroy our way of life (well, not the Hispanic brown people, they do want to kill them some Middle-Eastern brown people but even then they are more selective).

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