Monday, July 17, 2017

Needing "Leaders" is a Problem

Ignoring my many disagreements with French toward the end of this pretty good interview he's talking about a solution and he says:
...I think leadership really, really matters. I think what's needed now is compelling, bold leadership to help repair a rotting political infrastructure...
I'm not sure that he really understands the problem.  Donald Trump is, for all his many faults, "compelling, bold leadership."  He compelled a truckload of mostly [politically] uncaring people to get to the polls for the Republican primary.  He compelled people in states that were considered locks for Dems, who had voted for Obama, to switch to vote for a "Republican" and he is so bold that he not only commits sexual assault but then brags about it.

The problem, fwiw, is that the GOP leadership has, for decades, cultivated their supporters to be particularly stupid.  It's pretty much the only way to win elections when the platform your party stands for boils down to "tax cuts for rich people and whatever the moral outrage of the day is so we can keep the plebes in line/distracted".

The health care thing is the perfect example.  The complaints from the GOP is that people have to spend too much for crappy coverage, but their "fix" is to cut taxes for rich people and make it so that everyone else will have to spend more for worse coverage or go uncovered.

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