Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama > Clinton >>>>>>> McCain

First the easy one: McCain is either senile, lying, or clueless. I don't care which, there is no way I will vote for him. I used to respect him as a politician, and I still respect the service he has given this country, but I do not trust him with the presidency. Not even close.

So this means Obama, but someone else is still technically in that race...

I have no clue why Hillary is still running. Her campaign has been a disaster, starting off at incompetent, transitioning into GOP hate/fear mongering, and, just when it seemed as though it had found some high ground (after IN/NC), it did a quick side step into crazy. It really is incomprehensible. She is clever, capable, competent; she knows (yesterday's) politics, foreign and domestic affairs, her policies are nearly identical to Barack's, and people loved the Clinton presidency of the 90's. ...and she lost. I take back the disaster comment: this was a clusterf*** of a campaign that resulted from believing politics are the same today as they were 10 years ago, that loyalty should be valued even at the expense of competence, and that the political map and landscape is static.

I love Obama's message. I like his policies well enough (and substantially better than the republican candidate's). I also like that he has demonstrated an ability to compensate for his weaknesses by getting the right people into the right positions. He was not even on my radar a year ago, and I had no real preference between him and Hillary until around a month ago. I do not agree with everything he says, or every position he takes, but I do like the way he does politics.

This country will elect a woman some day. Just not this year, and probably not Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama inspires people. He represents change and true bipartisan appeal (non-wacko republicans do like the guy, or at least don't hate him). He will win in November and this nation will have the chance, for the first time in more than ten years, to set aside petty bickering politics and move forward.

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