Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Have a Shiny New President


Of course, the economy sucks, we are in two wars in a very unstable part of the world, the previous administrations torture of detainees could result in the freeing of more terrorists than any pinko-hugging, liberal hippie ever would, and energy is no where near being solved.

On a different note: Barak Obama does not really want to hear from you, or me, or any of the majority of Americans. There are just too damn many of us, and plenty of us are out of our friggin minds, so really, he doesn't. He wants ideas, and good ones too, though any of those will die in Congress because that's what DC does to good ideas. He will end up dismissing many good ideas as untenable or impractical, and some mediocre to bad ideas will get through for some b.s. reason or other (like "spirit of compromise").

I hope that his presidency will be a dramatic turn around from the past 8 years. I hope that good things come. It will have to be better, but in the end, I anticipate that things won't change as much as I want. But, hey, I'm just one person. Maybe my ideas and notions would not be better for this country. Doesn't change that I have them.

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