Friday, May 08, 2009

GOP Has Zero Respect for Science

None. I'll not believe otherwise until some major national representative of that party states very publicly that intelligent design is NOT SCIENCE and as such should never, ever, be taught in science classrooms in the United States, while also saying that evolution is science, and should be universally taught. Moreover, that representative can't take everything back as being "misunderstood" two days later when Rush or some other Neanderthal GOP talking head slams them for disrespecting some element of their base.

This was brought about by Tancredo's horrid interview on Hardball, which I had heard about in advance and was kind of interested in. As an aside, Chris Matthews should have had an actual scientist there to scream bloody murder at Tancredo's utter lack of scientific awareness on the subject.

The GOP has no respect for science because a tiny group of people (who all happen to be Republican voters) doesn't like science because it messes with their world view.

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