Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If The Gubment Was Really a Business...

Then it would pretty much never enter into agreements like this. Just a quick question to any(republican) who thinks that a government leasing rights to any funding source is ever a good idea: If a private investor is willing to pay for it, don't you think that, maybe, the government has a better source of revenue than whatever pile of cash they could get for it? I was living there when this happened, and it seemed really, really dumb even then. I couldn't imagine how anyone could think that $500M was worth giving up 99 years (!) of revenue. Further, it seemed to me that the investors would wan to maximize their revenue, and so would increase rates. Guess what happened?

You really don't have to be very smart to realize that any lease that a private investor is going to go for will mean less money for the city/state/federal government. Also, it means that the citizens get screwed, particularly in the future, when the great, great grandchildren of the current politicians are paying fees that go straight to some private investor's bottom line. Stupid and evil, but mostly stupid.

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