Friday, April 06, 2012

Pink Slime = Good Thing

Look, to the extent that people are going to continue to eat meat (as I do), the most responsible--and probably humane--thing to do would be to waste as little as possible. Pink slime helps do that. If there were another method that accomplished the same but was less...icky?...then that would be fine too. As it is Americans eat too much meat and waste too much food, I don't see making us more wasteful as a good thing.

As for the asinine commenter who stated:
This is factually incorrect. No cows need to be slaughtered because the nation has absolutely zero "need" for beef. There is a desire for beef, but not a need. People eat beef because they choose to, not because they need to.
Get the fuck over yourself! While I think it would be good if the cost of meat (including beef) went up to something closer to it's unsubsidized market price, that isn't going to happen, at least not very soon. So it is factually correct to say that we would kill a bunch more cows if we banned pink slime. Living in a fantasy where people just ate less meat if a ban were to happen is counterproductive.

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