Friday, July 06, 2012

Just Stop Talking

Listening to Obama talk about how Romney will take us back to Bush/GOP economics and disaster makes me want to throw the radio out the window.  I just don't think that's much of an argument coming from someone who has spent his first term largely focused on implementing GOP economics!

GOP - Cut taxes (for rich people)
Obama - cut taxes (for everyone) and hasn't repealed any of W's tax cuts

GOP - Gubment debt is bad (unless it helps rich people)
Obama - a whole fucking year talking about reducing the debt!

GOP - Free marketz rulz
Obama -  free market (GOP) health care plan, less than minimum intervention in finance markets

The pisser is that when Obama talks, he frequently says the right things. But he doesn't fucking do them!  In rhetoric this election sounds like FDR vs. Regan, but in reality it's Regan vs. Hoover's stupid and evil twin.  (Note: Obama is Regan, both in this analogy, and pretty much in reality.)

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