Friday, July 20, 2012

Yes, It is Terrorism

I'm fairly certain that the media just don't understand what "terrorism" is (which is why Atrios put this up).  Just to be clear: someone who goes someplace with lots of people and starts killing them is a terrorist.  That person may not be connected with any organization, and may not have any agenda, but that is a terrorist.  Full Stop.

Anyone saying that the killings at the movie theater in Colorado are not the work of a terrorist really means, "not a [Muslim/Arab/Middle Eastern/...] terrorist".  For fuck's sake the people who protest abortion by calling doctors murderers and the women whores are terrorists.  They are trying to intimidate and frighten people. 

The murderer in Colorado is also a terrorist.  He may be white (and Christian) and he may not have an agenda (at least not one that is known yet) but he is a terrorist. 

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