Friday, December 07, 2012

Revolving Credit Mystery (to me)

I'm sure someone knows, but if someone routinely charges $1500/month on his credit card and pays it off entirely each month, does that count as debt and savings?  I'm sure it all works out in the wash, but I am curious nevertheless.  If someone else charges $500 a month and pays it all off does she somehow get noted as saving* less since she is paying off less "debt" each month?

I guess I really want to know about how the balances work.  I'll be charging more this month than next, but because of that I will pay off more next month than this.  Because the charging and the payment are in different months, do I get noted as running net savings/debt in given months based on that.  If I were to increase spending each month by 0.5% would that show as me constantly increasing my debt load even though I am paying it off every month? 

Also, would I know the answers if I actually read the whole report?

*paying off debt counts as savings

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