Friday, August 30, 2013

I Get Calls

I have contributed to various [progressive] campaigns in the past, and so that puts me on some list that leads to me getting harassed (often at work by people who force me to hang up on them if I want to get off the line) by groups and campaigns looking for money.  I get that, and that's fine.  My problem is with their pitch.  It is almost always about how bad the Republicans are or some horrible thing that some person or group within the GOP is trying to do.

I understand why that works for many people, but I've been around (and paying attention) long enough to know that it's kind of a bait and switch: they are so horrible, that our less horrible behavior seems acceptable by comparison.  If they called up and told me about great things that [Democrats] will do then I may give them some time (and money) to do those things.  So long as the only thing they claim to stand for is anti-GOP extremism, then they can go take a flying leap. 

Some Reps and Senators (Alan Greyson is an excellent example) are doing good things and "fighting the good fight" but too many others--up to and including Obama--just pay lip service to those good things while fighting for things that Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex want.

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