Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things That Aren't the Same

People who don't like Obama care are not the same as people who want the GOP to defund it.  That should be obvious, and it should be pointed out far more often (pretty much any time any GOPer uses the poor polling of Obamacare to justify their ongoing attempt to kill it).

Take, for instance, me.  I don't like Obamacare: it's the right wing version of universal coverage and serves as a give away to insurance industry and the broader health care industry.  I would love to see single payer (Medicare for everyone) funded directly through broad base tax increase (combination of raising the medicare tax rate, applying it to all income--including cap gains--and eliminating the tax breaks for employer provided health care).  Still, Obamacare is better than what we had, and so I'm pretty strongly opposed to any effort to repeal it that doesn't replace it with something better (since it is the best idea for universal coverage the GOP has ever had, they aren't likely to have that "something better" but if ever they manage, then that'd be ok).

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