Monday, October 21, 2013

Great Movie With One Flaw

Spoiler alert (not immediate, but ahead)...

Being a science nerd, I had to go see Gravity (IMAX 3D), and did.  Overall it was beautiful, tense, and really just excellent (Sandra Bullock's odd behavior/acting notwithstanding--I'm not sure how much was her fault and how much was the writer/director struggling to add human tension).

Being a space/science movie, there were, of course several issues that really wouldn't have made it work--I like the Bad Astronomy Review which points the big ones out without bashing--but most of those are not really problems for me.  One was: the "Let It Go, Man" part of the review.  Things had been pretty good overall, but when they were both on a tether and Clooney had to let go because he was pulling away!  That doesn't happen they were both stopped and the tension on those ropes would have been zero.  It was a glaring flaw compared to the rest which you really have to know more about what's going on up there to notice.  (Yes, I know, you have to have some idea about how gravity/orbiting works to even know that but considering that other aspects were pretty good, that was just really not.)

All other errors are very much forgiven.  Go see.

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