Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fat Kids

Okay this crap still pisses me off: Oh my God! Children are fat! They drink soda and eat candy bars! Shut the hell up. Of course they are, and it's parenting, not schools that are to blame. Maybe if little 8 year old Johnny didn't have $20 of disposable income a week to spend on garbage, he wouldn't eat as much of it. Of course I've ranted on this before.

What I really want to complain about here is bottled water. One of the quotes from the article is:

"The nation's highest grade, an A-, was awarded to Kentucky, where school vending machines are filled with bottled water and dried fruit instead of soda and snack cakes."

Why, oh why do people routinely plunk down $1 - $3 a pint for water, when they can get it for free from a drinking fountain (or for ~$0.01 /gal at home from the tap...maybe 10 cents for filtered)? Sometimes (at a park, hot day, lots of people, few working fountains...or in the car on a road trip...or immune issues...or low quality city HOH...) it's okay, and even necessary, but to do that day in, day out, as a primary source of drinking water, in most places in this country? You are a moron.

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