Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Increasing Violence

The FBI has released some figures that show the violent crame rate in this country has had its largest jump in 15 years. I wonder how much of it is anti-(insert specific group here) and carried out by so-called "Christians." There is certainly a caldera of misplaced hatred churning there as can be seen in this game. A rundown on what is really going on can be found here, but it's long so I'll say some stuff and call it a summary.

In the game (called "Left Behind: Eternal Forces") you are in New York City and you convert people to christianity...or kill them. Wow. So the Christian belief is summed up as: think and believe like us or die. Cute. Nevermind the collosal hypocracy, or that it is the same type of thought as that which spurred people to fly airplanes into the WTC and Pentagon. Obviously their religion is wrong, but "ours" is right (religious right, that is). Yea, it's just a game, and I don't have a problem with GTA, which is way more graphic. Of course it is a game that was distributed in church pews. It is a game that they are trying to get a 6+ yrs rating for (so 6 year olds can convert or kill). It is a game that is being released by a religious associated group that also has published books on how violence in games is bad.

This is the crux of the religious right in this country. The notions of killing (literally or metaphorically) people with different beliefs is obviously wrong headed, and yet it is embraced with enthusiasm. Speak out against it and you are labled as someone who lacks the values/morals/whatever of the American people, but I suspect the American people don't really feel that butt sex and Hinduism are greater evils than killing or otherwise disregarding as human those that disagree with you.

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