Friday, June 16, 2006

A Moment of Silence

This (Friday) morning I heard a call from a (GOP) representative for a moment of silence for the soldiers that died. People like moments of silence. They project an aura of respectful thought, and there may be good intent, religious or otherwise, behind the gesture in many cases, but on the floor of Congress, it is not right. Not immediately before a wasteful, nonbinding resolution that is meant as a political tool for comming elections. Besides, does (whichever) congressman believe that the dead are served by silence and a meaningless vote. Would it not give greater honor to those who have died in the service of our nation to act in a meaningful way?

Maybe our congress should support our troops by giving them timetables and deliverable objectives. Maybe our congress should honor our vetrans by providing them with care (health, unemployment, counciling, ...). Maybe our congress should provide full funding and material support for our troops (without burdening the next generation with a massive federal debt).

No? I guess not. The dead get a moment of silence and an empty vote, and the living soldiers and vetrans get nothing more than rhetoric. Congress "supports our troops." Just not more than they support tax cuts for millionares or misrepresenting science, and not enough to actually lay out real deliverable objectives or devise a timetable for withdraw. United States Congress: the ultimate yellow ribbon bumper sticker.

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