Sunday, February 22, 2009

More on bipartisanship

Again, I think that talk of bipartisanship is idiotic drivel. Bipartisanship is not, generally, good. We need an opposition party, and we need the party in charge to be in charge. If Dems pass bills that Repubs like, then we end up with the same crap no matter who is in charge, and what the hell is the point of having two parties?!?

If there are any concessions to the minority, out of power and dumped-by-the-public, GOP party by Democrats then it is, so far as I'm concerned, bipartisan. Any. The voting doesn't matter. The country is behind the Democrats right now. If the GOP wants to be obstructionist then that is their prerogative and probably their duty, but they should expect nothing they want as a result. Despite that, the stimulus, and probably most other bills that get through, will have concessions to some GOP members. In the real world that will make those bills far more bipartisan than the GOP will likely deserve (if stimulus voting is any indication).

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