Sunday, February 08, 2009


This person. Yes, she is losing her house, and yes, the agreement she is offering the bank is probably a better deal for them than forcing her into foreclosure, but there is quite a bit of effort placed in getting an emotional reaction (sympathy for a hand-out) for what was a bad, bad, horrible, business decision on her part. The living near her daughter, and talk about "that's what houses cost" in the area, and how others did this, and probably worst of all that this "isn't about money. It's about closed off hearts," is utter crap, to put it nicely.

Now, I can appreciate people--the large majority of whom are not financially savvy--being convinced that it is a good idea to finance an $800k home with 10% down using an interest only ARM and a HELOC* to cover the difference by crooked banks, realtors and brokers. But someone who claims to be a capable businesswoman should know better. This was a gamble. She lost. Of course the banks did too, and it probably is in their best interest to take what she is offering, but with all of that emotional crap in her arguments, I really just think she is trying to game the system.

There are real victims of this economic downturn. She is not one of them.

*ARM = adjustible rate mortgage, HELOC = home equity line of credit

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