Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Must Make Bacon Explosion

Yea, the site is called "This is why you're fat"and it is full of pictures of supposedly disgustingly bad for you foods. The link I took to get there warned not to go if you had just or were about to eat. It made me hungry.

Yes, many of the items shown are heart-attack inducing globs of all things bad for you (like the bacon cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme donut), and some are kind of disturbing and not very tempting (bacon cookies?), but many are acceptable as part of a meal, and some could even be healthy. Case in point: the Super Tuber, which is a hot dog in a baked potato, sliced up and covered in chili...except the pic shows that the chili is almost entirely beans, and even with the hot dog in there, if you prepare that at home, appearance aside, it could be a very healthy meal (if you could buy said from a vendor it likely has too much salt and sugar, but that's often true).

Mostly, however, they are just funny. A Tombstone pizza vending machine, a corndog pizza, and my favorite: the Bacon Explosion. I fully intend to make that one some day, if only so that I can do a basket weave of bacon.

While most of the items listed are very reflective of the title, the main reason why we are fat is not what we eat, but how much, and that is reflected in the most disgusting pics on the site. A slice of chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick is fine is fine on occasion, four after a huge meal? Not so muich.

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