Friday, January 27, 2012

Apple Cult is Still Appropriate

It wasn't talking about the entire user base.

The whole Apple Cult thing has to do with a very small subset of their customers who post comments, create blogs, and otherwise worship Apple products. There is pretty much some subset of people like that for most commercial products, but the Apple ones were particularly annoying to most tech geeks, and so received a whole lot of ire.

Things have changed somewhat. The iPhone was for a couple years the best smartphone on the market, and plenty of geeks (who still are likely to see macbooks as a waste of a nice chasis) bought them. But there is still an oddness among many Apple fans that extends to their far more mediocre products, and a reverence for Steve Jobs that is a bit over the top. (I would say that Jobs had a brilliant mind for bringing form and function together, but I don't think there was a single product that didn't have at least one glaring problem, for 90% of their product line it would at the least provide rather poor value.)

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