Monday, January 09, 2012

Depressing GOPers

I would absolutely love to get a Republican candidate that I could vote for, because I am so upset about the Obama administration that I could breathe fire. Unfortunately, Huntsman has no chance, and the rest of the field is either crazy (pretty much everyone other than Huntsman and Romney) or so untrustworthy that they may as well be (Romney).

Obama has been a mediocre president, but a horrible Democrat. If he called himself a Republican he would be a very good president, and a very good Republican, even with the exact same record. But the thing is, we need a good Democratic party to create a good Republican party, so if we are going to have a conservative president, that person had better be a Republican. Since Obama has been a very conservative president, he needs to go. It's just depressing that the Democratic party (including Obama) have co-opted so many GOP ideas that the Republicans have to be borderline crazy to differentiate themselves.

It's also rather depressing that I'd rather 4 years of crazy followed by a good Democrat than 4 more years of Obama.

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