Monday, February 13, 2012

Hope He's Learned, But I've Doubts

This article by Noam Scheiber is a good (and a frustrating) piece to read. In the end we are left hanging with: has Obama learned, or is he just preparing for the next self-induced crisis?

I see little evidence that Obama has learned here, and that is the frustrating thing. His current posturing and positions seem good, but they are also necessary, in the same way that it was finally necessary for him to get aggressive toward Hillary on the campaign trail.

Maybe Democrats will win, and Obama will think that the GOP has been chastened and will now listen to reason. In fact, if Dems win, that seems far more likely than this continued, tough and sensible presidential offering we are witnessing.

Of course, this is only economic issues. Nevermind the still horrible civil liberties a issues, which are unchanging as ever.

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