Thursday, February 16, 2012


Can' this crap.

Kos seems to have pissed off a lot of people by suggesting something that seems very sensible from an individual position. Maybe it's the "organization" part of it, or the "Rush did it too" thang that's got 'em going.

If I still lived (as I have before) in a state with an open primary, then I would vote in the primary that was the most relevant. This year, it would probably be the Republican one because there is nothing really going on on the Democratic side (no Dems running against Obama, or Casey and I think not my US Rep either, though that may not be straightened out yet).

I was in Illinois in 2006 when lots of Dems voted on the GOP ticket because they were so pissed at Blago...though as things turned out many would have been better off voting Rod off in the Dem primary, but that didn't seem a viable option to many. They weren't doing it to screw over Republicans, they were doing it because there was a strong suspicion that the GOP would win back the governor's mansion and Dems wanted the least offensive GOPer on the ticket.

States that have open primaries have open primaries. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, et cetera should vote on the primary ballot that suits them best, even if it isn't their party.

Maybe it's the idea of doing this to screw with the opposition is the objection, but that's part of best interests. If the Democrats have an important primary, vote on that one, if not vote on another. Going to the polls is part of democracy, and everyone should vote based on how they see the best outcome: whether voting for someone you want to win in the fall or voting for someone you think can't win so that the person you want to win has a better shot.

Oh, and the references to Hitler...seriously? What the fuck is wrong with people?!?

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