Monday, February 06, 2012

Saver's Shouldn't Give a Damn

About any of the things in this post. At all. ROI makes a bit of difference at the margins, but mostly the reason we want to have decent ROI is because we expect there to be inflation that eats away at the value of cash. As such, a crappy economy and low interest rates and low to no inflation don't actually mean a damned thing to "savers". It matters to people looking for work, and what jobs are available, but savers are all going to be just fine.

...Unless the whole economy blows up, in which case only the savers that are also "Doomsday Preppers" will be ok.

I hear this "savers are punished" for ____ crap all over, and it's just that: crap. The only things that could seriously punish savers are:
1) Inflation/investment mismatch (e.g. fixed income/bonds/safe investments eaten up by big inflation, or buying an overpriced house that then devalues)
2) The economy no longer existing and only food and bullets having any real value. Seriously, if US$ become worthless, then that will mean a world where the only things of value will be things of value (no, not gold, but yes food and water...and maybe iron depending on how long it lasts)
So any big banker/rich prognosticator who talks about this crap, should only be listened to if he/she has a stocked bunker on an isolated patch of arable land with a water supply, that is not susceptible to natural disasters.

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