Friday, May 26, 2006

Barry Bonds: Ruining Baseball

The steroid infused homer bashing that was credited with bringing fans back to the game after the greed induced 1994 strike is now turning them away again. Most notably in the person of Barry Bonds. Now, steroid use was not against the rules in MLB (though I think if something is against the law then rules shouldn't need to be made for it) when 60-300 home runs/player/season were being hit, so I've heard "he didn't do anything wrong." I belive that owners were more than happy to have steroids on the bench as they result in fans in the stands. I think that every homerun record set over that period should be stricken from the books. That is only because, though I prefer it, the Onion's solution won't go through.

This post was entirely to get you to go and read that Onion article (and this short one).


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