Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello, I am Nigerian Royalty

Maybe I've just been lucky, or maybe I'm just not a poorly thrown nerf ball (the old, super light foam kind) away from being unable to feed myself, but I have little sympathy for most victims of internet scams. The 14 yr old scammer (from Nigeria) put it this way: "White people are too gullible. They are rich, and whatever I gyp them out of is small change to them." Also in that article there was a comment about scamming being "a form of reparation for the sins of the West." Generally speaking, if you are not so stupid as to send $10k for legal fees to get $1 million back, and you keep an eye on your finances (credit cards and the like) then you have little to worry about.

Incedentally, I was recently among the claimants in a class action suit and my share of the multi hundred million dollar settlement is $5 million. Unfortunately, it will take a year before that comes through and I really need cash now, so, though it begrudges me to do so, I will turn it all over to others for only $100,000. I realize that is a large sum, so anyone who can spare $1000 now will receive thier cut of the $5 million (that's $50,000). If I do not find 100 investors then all money will be returned, as less than I said would be useless. The $100,000 is important. I don't want to go into detail, but suffice to say I've made some bad decisions, I know, but I don't think my family should suffer for them. I would say please, but I am not begging, your return will come-- 5000% in fact (well 4900% plus principle). Thank you for your support. Paypal accepted (verified accounts only, please).


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