Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Town Defines "Family"

Black Jack, MO has a law on the books that defines who can and cannot live together. It states that more than three people cannot live together if not related by "blood, marriage or adoption." So if a couple is not married and has at least two kids, they cannot live together. Let's nevermind that a couple could be married in a church, but not legally (don't trust the state). Let's ignore that there exist plenty of people who do not believe in marriage (it is more about property than love, well, from a legal perspective). I'm surprised the law doesn't also specify that the married couple can be black, white, or asian but no combination of that. Seriously, how backasswards is this place? I know it's in Missouri (misery), but it is near St. Louis (an ok town), so I would think that the people would be in the middle ground in terms of common sense. Maybe the citizens will rise up and demand that it gets changed... Huh, uh, what, I think I nodded off there and had a crazy and very short dream sequence in which Untied States citizens behaved in a responsible manner and actually thought about something. Oh, well, back to the real world.


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